Welcome aboard the Unlimited Coaching program. This program is going to change your business and have a positive impact on your business and family life!

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‘with Brian’s expertise, knowledge and skills I have been able to take my business to a totally different level in terms of profitability, turnover (20X) and moved away from working ‘on the tools’ to working ‘ON the business.’ Brad Ott velocity Solar

‘I have increased revenue, fired nightmare clients, increased staff numbers, worked ON my business, not IN it; increased profitability and most importantly developed more personal time.’.

Adam Renouf

First Steps…

1. Use this link to Book Your First Session This a 30-minute session instead of 15 so I can get to know you better: you set the agenda with each call.

2. On our calls, we will get focused on your business goals and come up with your ‘to do list’ that we agree on (we might work on your opt-in page, freebie and nurturing sequence, selling out your live event, starting your blog, creating a FB or LI presence, getting your niche and avatar sorted, create a lead generation to sign up all the clients you want, getting your employees working for you – not the other way around – depending on how fast you go we might be able to accomplish that in the next year – or something else that’s not even listed.

3. After each call, I’ll send you an email with what you’ve agreed to do and a link to set up our next call (You must complete your ‘to do’ before our next call happens

Congratulations on joining the program, you will transform your business, but first let me share the real top 9 reasons why you you’ll get a blast out of working with me…

1. Because I am fun to work with. I’ll listen to you and I’ll keep you focused.

2. Because you’ll be delighted by my templates, worksheets and creative brainstorming.

3. Because you can have as many coaching sessions as you want all year.

4. Because I’ll help you stay out of the weeds and keep you super focused.

5. Because I can help you create a list/tribe and get clients right away.

6. Because working with me will get you results (Yes, you will get what you deserve!).

7. Because there are presents* fun bonuses and access to my exclusive trainings.

8. Because working with me will be the most life changing thing you do for the next 12 months.

9. Because I know what I’m doing… I’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in my education, coaching, mentoring and, yes, I’ve been on TV and in Magazines

This a 30-minute session instead of 15 so I can get to know you better: you set the agenda with each call.

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