Enthusiasm is the key to creating your own opportunities; your enthusiasm will invigorate the physical and expand your mindset to the endless possibilities that are available to us.

Every day presents us with opportunities, either in the form of challenges to be overcome or doors that are opening to us.

As Winston Churchill said ‘Difficulties mastered are opportunities won.

We can accept that opportunities will be either positive or negative and that each will have a different effect on our enthusiasm, depending on the choices we make in the face of those opportunities.

Imagine you are caught in a traffic jam; if you choose the negative you will become stressed, aggressive and unhappy; your mindset will be troubled and unable to think clearly.

if you choose to accept the jam in with a positive approach you may think if its an accident I hope no one is hurt. You know you cannot control what happens next, so you accept that you will be delayed. You could choose to listen to, perhaps an audio-book or listen to a learning recording – podcast or CD in relation to your business activity in the time you have now been given. You may use this time to expand your mindset by by thinking about your business and what actions you may take to initiate transformation, recording notes on your phone or device

Choosing to take advantage of opportunities does not happen by accident; it is the result of our approach to life, the challenges it throws us and the doors it opens to us in an enthusiastic manner and the mindset that chooses to take the positive out each situation that presents itself to us.


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