The Four Most Important Attributes of Successful Clients

The Four Most Important Attributes of Successful Clients

What does it take to be successfully coached?

Many entrepreneurs want to achieve success in business, but it’s easier said than done. Guru’s talk about goal setting, being positive and having a ‘fresh’ mindset, setting timelines or even identifying what success is; to you. Often there is a recommendation that the entrepreneur should use a business coach.

All of these are true to some degree or another,  however there are 4 significant attributes that any entrepreneur needs to absorb in order to be successfully coached and to successfully improve their business.

Gazelles International President Keith Cupp is right on the mark in his recent video, he nominates 4 attributes – being a learner, being coachable & accountable, being an investor in oneself and being humble.

Gazelles International President Keith Cupp 

The ability to learn, is perhaps a given for the successful entrepreneur, being coachable however can be a challenge for many entrepreneurs; being successful in their own right can sometimes prevent  an entrepreneur from being successfully coached, the art of being humble comes into play here with that trait empowering the entrepreneur to change and actively respond to being coached.

Investment in oneself is another key aspect for success, doing the exercises, spending that valuable time learning; it is all the basis for success.

If you relate to these attributes and feel it could benefits talk to someone! Reach out. You’ll find that cost of the action far outweighs the cost of not taking any action. For example my Extreme Achievement Program will cost you a coffee a day for unlimited coaching for 12 months.

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