Take 2017 and make YOUR Business Totally Awesome

 5 weeks to go til 2017!
Are you going to finish 2016 with total awesomeness and Strut your Swagger into 2017…or are you going to do the walk of shame and slink into 2017 hoping that no one notices?

Let’s Strut and Swagger!  Take 2017 by the throat and shake next year up with your awesome business.


3 Actions You can take NOW!

1. Quotes and Proposals outstanding? Follow them up NOW, take action, call the prospect, show your interest and desire to work with the prospect.
2. Identify 10+ prospects who don’t know you or haven’t heard from you for a while. CALL THEM. ‘Hi Derek, just wanted to reach out to you as the year winds down….start a conversation. (Hint – commit to making 5 of these calls every week day until December 24).
3. CALL 5+ great clients, ask them what they are NOT buying from you and offer to help them with better service, better value and a commitment to excellence.
Action takers are rewarded, its not good luck, it’s hard focused work!

Take these actions and you’ll have a profitable end and an exceptionally profitable start in 2017.

  • Need some help?

  • Like to carry your swagger through ALL of 2017?

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Robyn from Jolie Image: 

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We are already achieving tangible results from the coaching process which have exceeded our expectations. Brian’s ability to listen, inspire and communicate to us as equals has made the coaching process very effective for us.”

Let’s Have a Chat and see if the Extreme Achievement Program is right for you

Book a 30 Minute Discovery Session


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