Shine the Light

In any business it is vital that your potential customers can see what value you offer, the products you provide, the service you give, hence this quote “Let your LIGHT shine; it may be exactly what someone else needs to see” is very relevant to any business.

This anonymous quote is very relevant for any business for how will a prospect know that you exist? How will they see the products and services that you offer if you don’t shine the light on those services and products. There is a saying in real estate ‘You can’t sell a secret’ so ask yourself: “Are my products and services VISIBLE to the people who want and need them?”

What is your answer?

Perhaps type in your product on Google and see where you, and your product appear; the result may both surprise and dismay you.

As a small business your focus needs to be on your prospect more than your brand; if you try to compete on brand you will end up competing on price and your product or service will become an undervalued commodity.

When you market strategically with purpose and clear direction, you have a major advantage over the big brand names in your space…agility and personalisation. Above all you need to be visible.

If you would like to learn whether your marketing does shine the light for your prospects to see; or are you just keeping them in the dark let’s get together and do a Marketing Triage – we’ll spend 25 obligation and cost free minutes to see what’s not working, what’s blocking your success and what’s needed next – contact us and schedule a time for the Marketing Triage.




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