No one Starts a Business to be Small

Loving the Optus promotional for Small – Medium Business.

The quote from Mark Wahlberg “No one starts a business to be small”.

However how many businesses end up staying small and why? The two major causes that I see are that the business owner firstly doesn’t ask for and actually use help such as coaches. Mentors and the like. Mistakenly the think of the cost of taking action…NOT the cost of not taking action; which is always higher.

Secondly, the business owner believes that they, and only they know anything about their business, this belief is such is firstly that they refuse to delegate and secondly, and more importantly don’t know what they don’t know; and refuse to look at alternatives. Again this forces them into inaction.

As such they place themselves in a position of not owning a thriving, profitable, sustainable and growing business, but rather they own a job, that if looked at on an hourly rate probably pays a lot less than what they are paying an employee. The owner usually perseveres, working longer hours in the hope that ‘next year will be better’, it usually never is.The extra hours they work leaves them with less and less time to spend with their family, children’ sporting and other events are missed, family holidays get put on hold with the promise of next year.

In essence though that without changing what and how they are doing they are creating the classic definition of insanity – doing the same thing and hoping for a different result.

If you think you have a job not a business…talk to someone! Reach out. You’ll find that cost of the action far outweighs the cost of not taking any action. For example my Extreme Achievement Program will cost you a coffee a day for unlimited coaching for 12 months.

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