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A most appreciated testimonial for my Business Coaching from Marcus Savidis of Savi Solutions.  driving a business towards peak performance is indeed my focus and Marcus’ comment ‘awesome focus on the clarity, direction and systems for profitability in any business’ is what we are serious about with business owners

“If you’re going to get Business Coaching then top of the list of what you need in your Coach is the ability to trust.  Trust they know their stuff, that they have your best interests at heart and that they’ll know precisely how to drive you to achieve your peak performance.

Brian’s approach is confidential, experienced and knowledgeable. Most importantly a great sounding board for ideas and with awesome focus on the clarity, direction and systems for profitability in any business.

Brian is very approachable and takes the time to listen to others and then generously share his knowledge and ideas to empower others to take steps to get to the next level”

As a Business Coach located in Frankston and Geelong my role is to help business owners to take their businesses to another level where they achieve success by optimising the key areas of Time, Team and Money.


Marcus is the best Sales orientated coach that I have been associated with and receiving a testimonial from Marcus is high praise indeed.

I’m currently accepting bookings for my 15 minute Strategies to Grow Your Business introductions – click on the link below and enjoy 15 minutes on YOUR business

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