We get it!

You own a business; you didn’t wake up this morning and say to your partner I need a business coach! Let’s face it no one does.

More than likely you woke up thinking some, or all of the following:

  • I should be doing better, just like Joe in Kansas; but I don’t know what to do next.
  • You want your business to be less dependent on you…but you can’t let go or delegate.
  • You want more Dollars out of the business, but cash flow is inconsistent and you think it’s too risky for the business.
  • You’re trapped by poor systems, staff not being as committed as you, under performance everywhere and you can’t see a way out.
  • You are constantly facing what seem to be insurmountable challenges and roadblocks that you can’t seem to overcome.

What’s important is matching what you need with what I will deliver with the support of a system and process delivered by an expert who cares and the system that works!

The 7 step framework of continuous improvement is the foundation of business improvement

Step 1: Core Values

We establish the guiding principles that will dictate behavior and action; for your business, you, staff, suppliers and customers.

Step 2: Control

We define the drivers of the your revenues, profits, and cash flow and identify the key aspects of these drivers that can make fast, powerful gains.

Step 3: Aspirations

We identify your vision, as well as your purpose in starting and building the business. Where do you want to be in 1, 3 or 5 years?

Step 4: Strategy

We Create Strategy. First, the overall Strategy that focuses everyone on the key priorities. Second the Marketing Strategy, with a compelling message that sets the business apart from the competition and the tactics that will keep growing the business.

Step 5: Tactics

We put in place Tactics to achieve your aspirations and deliver the Marketing Strategy, continually using the measure – test – refine – review methodology to make the business more valuable.

Step 6: Leverage

More and more business owners are finding that their business is too dependent on them, they spend every waking hour in the business, and then find they can’t sell their business because of this dependency. This part of the framework about turning the owner into a true CEO who builds an organization that can be sold, transferred, or exited.

Step 7: Evolution

The business owner, team, and organization must continuously evolve in order to stay ahead of the competition and changing consumer demand. To develop from, as Gerber suggests from being a technician, to an owner, to an entrepreneur and ultimately an investor.

It sounds simple and you are probably thinking  ‘I can do this’. However having bought, built and sold businesses myself it is rarely very easy.

You will need someone to help you gain clarity, help you to see and grow through the things that get in the way. There will be missing pieces of the puzzle, and you will need someone to help find them. Who’s going to stand by you in the tough moments?

Remember the war cry’s of demonstrators? What do we want? A better business!! When do we want it? NOW!

Growth that is sustainable doesn’t happen in a straight line, you will need to grow, plateau, consolidate make improvements and expand your profitability and capability without losing balance, your direction or suffering from burnout.

Business coaching is not just for struggling businesses. If you find yourself asking…Is this it? You might be amazed at how much better things could be.


Here’s what you’ll walk away with:

  • Important information about your business and yourself, that you can use to make continuous improvements.
  • Greater clarity around what is most important to you, and how to get more of it.
  • Renewed energy and enthusiasm for your work, business, and life.
  • Laser focus on what to do next.

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